Teratoiid is committed to designing insane patterns that are as monstrous as they are original. Each pattern is cut into lino before being printed onto T-shirts made of organic cotton. The T-shirts of each home-made limited edition are numbered, with only 10-50 per series. DIY will prevail!

Le Pavillon du Mohair

Come and discover all our artisanal mohair items as well as knitting yarn from our farm in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, where we rear and care for our delightful little Angora goats.


Gaëlle Prevost, aka Tanuki, presents her Japanese-inspired creations, which are made from washi paper and Japanese fabrics. Drawn to Japan, its culture and its aesthetic from childhood, Tanuki’s passion for origami was kick-started first and foremost by the legend of the Thousand Origami Cranes and a haiku (a Japanese poem).

Je Feel Wood

We invite you to discover wood in all its forms: hard and soft, straight and twisted, rough and polished.

Héritage Ancestral

Come and discover Ancestral’s hand-made, ethical and exclusive jewellery, with designs marked by symbolism. You will also find works of art created by indigenous peoples, whose time and effort we have endeavoured to respect. Ancestral is a rediscovered heritage of traditional knowledge and craft that together form a multicultural concept with an innovative style in keeping with your tastes.

By loca

It is said that nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed... Well then lets have fun and transform everything!

The leather, fabric and beads on theose earrings or that painting you may choose are salvaged from objects that were lost, unused, damaged or destined for the dump.

These abandoned items are cut up, ground down, turned inside out or livened up.

Never-ending creativity.

Le collectif du Re:Creation Hall

Orybany is a place with several callings, a creative space where store, creative workshops and the Re:Creation Hall artisan/creator market merge, as well as a showcase for local creators working on ethical, sustainable fashion with an ethnic touch. Orybany and Re:Creation Hall bring together a wider community of artisans and creators who, in the manner that they complement each other, represent the cultural and social diversity of the Marolles quarter, where the shop is located and where the market takes place.

Areuh et Tatamy

Areuh is a collection of original or custom-made cards for announcing a newborn that all come with matching presents. There’s no more need to rush around - just choose from our range and we’ll deal with the rest. Tatamy is specialised in sleeping bags for babies so that they can sleep as soundly as their parents. The bag is designed to be easy to use with its zip fastener.


Yaruna is a range of knitted garments that are as ethical as they are exclusive.

As someone who saw herself first and foremost as an artisan of fashion, she chose to specialise in custom-made clothing in keeping with trends and the changing of the seasons.

And being someone attentive to other people’s well being, she got qualified in African massage.

Her motto would surely be ’a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

Ateliers Caroline

Light your open fires, barbecues, stoves and outdoor fires in the blink of an eye without using paper, kindling or toxic substances.


CrazyClage is an obstinate jewellery design studio where upcycling takes a central position. We play with the endless combination possibilities between recycle materials, precious metals, gemstones and organic materials. The result is an exposing love play between old and new, undervalued and valued, inorganic and organic…This encounter has translated itself in a new generation of controversial, colourful and endless variable handmade jewelry. In short, CrazyClage stands for recycle design where we playful create jewelry with environmental awareness and with an eye for quality and durability.

Sacs à Malices

Les Sacs à Malices are bags, pockets and T-shirts in cotton fabric from the bilogical agriculture printed in Brussels with water based inks that respect the environment.