Be Chill Festival

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A small vigil in the clearing: get cozy in this camping atmosphere around a jam session or a flash mob! Basecamp is the perfect place for jamming. Come share a moment of conviviality, where tambourines and guitars go together. An exotic atmosphere is guaranteed!

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Mystic Forest

In the Celtic Forest: in the shade of trees, enter a mystical universe that looks like a line of Celtic menhirs. This is the perfect place to listen to lovely Celtic tunes... Here you’ll find a Celtic universe, enchanting music and unusual instruments!

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Afternoon Nap

At the far end of the park, this is a little corner of lawn hidden behind trees, away from the bustle. It’s perfect for taking a siesta or vegging out with friends. You can look at artwork, listen to the piano, participate in a creative activity or just relax to the sound of the guitar...

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At the foot of a statue: there’s an improvised theatre at the foot of a statue in a path of the park! Stop by here to rest or sit on bales of hay set up like armchairs... Listen to stories, readings and all kinds of improvisations in this poetic, intimate setting.

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Fresh Note

Do you feel like hearing a violin tune accompanied by the flute; or seeing mysterious performances that will send you into reverie? Discover this little stage in the middle of the park’s central fountain for enchanting acoustic concerts.

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Tender grass

In the palace square, we will roll out a huge lawn for the day, where you can have a drink, chat, enjoy yourself with friends or family...and all the while enjoying a jazz concert.

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Hop Bubble

In the middle of the brewers zone, come enjoy a moment of conviviality to the sound of an electric or a trance set, with fresh and sparkling mixes...

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Inner Circle

At the Kiosk, share a concert where the artists and the audience mix together in an intimate show. Violins, harps, or dance rehearsal...enter this imposing space and dive into the world of the artists. It will be a moment to share with 30-40 people, like a cocoon in a grandiose setting.

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Living Room

The lounge in the garden: In a cozy atmosphere, gather for an old school jam session. Settle into a vintage club sofa and feel at home. Friendliness will await you!

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