Brasserie de la Senne

The Brasserie de la Senne is an authentic brewery wholly based in Brussels. We produce beers with character, which have a strong hop element and which develop a fine bitter taste. These beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and free from additives.

Brussels Beer Project

The Brussels Beer Project summed up in a few words? A collaborative project that prioritises joint creative processes to think outside the box and inject fresh ideas into the Belgian brewing scene.

Brewery Belgoo

"Belgoo produces a range of six beers, each with its own character, from a mix of different cereals and a good helping of hops in an artisanal brewery 6 miles from the centre of Brussels. Make the most of this opportunity to taste one."

Bertinchamps Brewery

The family brasserie la Ferme de Bertinchamps produces traditional beers without spices or additives. Get refreshed with one of their 3 beers: Blonde, Triple or Brune.

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Micro-brouwerij Achilles

Serafijn’s beers came into being 12 years ago in the Campine region to the east of Antwerp. We produce natural, high fermentation beers, which undergo a second fermentation in the bottle. There are seven varieties: the deep golden Serafijn Blond, the Pallieter-tripel, the Grand Cru which won a silver medal at the World Beer Awards, Heksemie, Serafijn 6, and last but not least Kerstlicht (Christmas Light), which will be on sale from October. This year will also see the release of Serafijntje - a pure natural drink (30% abv) available in orange, lemon and grapefruit varieties.

Brasserie de la Cambre

Brasserie de La Cambre has been brewing the beers of La Cambre abbey for two years. We have a range of abbey beers that are low in alcohol, aromatic in terms of their hop element and not too sweet. In addition to our light ale and special triple-hop ale, we can now exclusively reveal our new La Cambre TRIPLE with 7.2% abv. Come and try it.

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Brewery Brunehaut

"Brasserie de Brunehaut is an artisanal brewery founded in Brunehaut, near Tournai, in 1890. We produce a range of organic and gluten-free beers (Blanche, Fruitée, Blonde, Ambrée and Triple). We adopt a circular economy approach with our farm which supplies a proportion of our organic barley.

We have won a number of awards in Belgium and abroad. Best organic beer in Wallonia 2016."

Brasserie des légendes

Thanks to their brewing skill, you can discover a range of unique natural beers including Gouyasse and Saison Voisin!

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En Stoemelings

The brewery presents its Curieuse Neus triple red beer with a fine malt base and hints of exotic fruit that it gets from the hopping process.

Brouwerij The Musketeers

The beer that makes you talk. Brouwerij the Musketeers is a belgian brewery which develop special beer with strong and exceptional character. They take their inspiration from different style and taste which makes a quality belgian beer, smooth and clever, for the international and national market. This brewery is well known for its Troubadour beer and Legend beer.