Ravioles Defroidmont

Delicious artisanal recipes: ravioli with Ardennes ham, salmon, chèvre cheeses, basil, 4-cheese pastries and bolognese!


Generous is the name of a new Belgian artisanal biscuit-maker with a range of organic, gluten-free and above all delicious products! After all it’s our sweet tooth that guides us in the development of our biscuits and other products. Our production site is located in Anderlecht, Brussels, where we create flavoursome delicacies in keeping with Belgium’s biscuit and bakery traditions.

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Sikou produces organic Belgian ice creams from raw milk and cream bought directly from farms in Wallonia. With respect for the art of ice-cream making, Sikou follows simple recipes that rely on only a few, trusted ingredients, which undergo little or no processing outside our production site. More info at www.sikou.be et Facebook.com/sikoubio.

Peter & Lila

The ice creams from Glacées Douceurs are made arisanally with natural and local ingredients. Peter and Lila select the raw materials according to their flavour qualities. Mint, violet, white chocolate with blueberries, chestnut creme or lavender flower— at this stand you will discover new flavours, one more unique than the other!

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Bonbons à l’Ancienne

Discover this artisanal confectionery that offers no less than 32 kinds of candies and sweets! From traditional Belgian "bonbons à casser" to "cuberdons", get carried away by the temptation of these sweet flavours!

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Circkle is a new on-line grocer that will revolutionise the way you do your shopping. Circkle delivers a large range of seasonal, organic and artisanal foods as well as taking back your unwanted goods to help good causes.

Safran Gaumais

Handmade saffron crêpes available in sweet and savoury varieties made with our own saffron and local organic ingredients.

Full of Good

Full of Good is a high-quality range of fresh juices made from fruit and vegetables with nothing else added! At Full of Good our cold-pressed juices are never heated so that as much of the natural vitamins and minerals as possible are kept for a healthy quality end product. Come and discover our juices!


The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain monitors food chain safety and the quality of our food with the goal of protecting human, animal and plant health. Each year it performs more than 100,000 tests on raw materials and consumed foods to ensure our safety.

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La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle has been making vegetarian pasta and burgers made from organic ingredients for 24 years. We stand out for our original and authentic range of laid-back products. New item: Kinowa. Bezoek de website

Les Breuvages de la Chaudasse

Breuvages de la Chaudasse is a recently-founded Belgian company with the goal of create or bringing up to date old aperitifs from our gastronomic heritage. Our range includes Hypocras, a spiced wine from the Middle Ages, and Hydromel, the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, as well as a number of fine soft drinks.

Peas and Love

The Peas and Love urban farm supplies managed vegetable plots of 3m² to their Urban Farmer residents, providing them with an experience that has a community dimension and that lets them get back in touch with nature.


We bring back the finest, highest-quality and best-value organic products from Grece under our ELEOS brandname.

ELEOS products come from the farmers of small family estates in Greece with whom we share the same values.

Our products range from olive oil to olives, as well as herbs, Greek pasta, tapenades, pepper tapenades, honey, feta, kefir and Greek yoghurts.

We support the local economy in an ethical and sustainable manner whilst enjoying the products’ taste and quality.


Organic products made with quinoa

Café Chorti

A people-powered, multinational cooperative based on solidarity that brings together Guatemalan producers of Maya Chorti origin, processors, suppliers and everyday citizens. The aim is to share profits and risks in the fairest way possible and allow every partner to live in dignity. A delicious coffee produced in a beautiful way thanks to all those along the Café Chorti supply chain.

Julien Lapraille

Julien Lapraille is a well-known cook who comes from Luxembourg. He followed courses at l’école Hotélière de Namur and next he specialised in France for the pastry. He worked in many worlwide houses. In 2014, Julien Lapraille participated to MasterChef, he finished 7th in the race. Not only house dishes and coursework that he gives, Julien Lapraille is presenter in a national talk show called RTL Belgique. A lot of fun and talend are promised !

Site : http://www.julienlapraille.be/