Bio c’Bon

Bio c’ Bon is a chain of neighbourhood organic shops, with a new store opening near to Place Stéphanie at 18 Chaussée de Charleroi.

With its location, its prices and its personalised advice, Bio c’ Bon aims to put healthy and balanced food within everybody’s reach.

At Bio c’ Bon you will find all the usual food products: fresh produce, groceries, delicatessan, more than 100 items like cereal and dried fruit by weight, a gluten-free section and a baby and well-being section, where a naturopath will help you with your daily nutritional choices.


"The Sequoia group of shops has been a pioneer and reference in the organic sector since 1988, and offers a balance between well-being and the planet. The thousands of lines that we stock are produced in ways that respect their producers and the Earth. Our partners will offer you advice and guidance in maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. Our outlets aim to be pleasant, accesible and places where you can discuss and learn about a fulfilling lifestyle.

Sequoia is a source of unadultered vitality."


Active at an international level for more than 30 years, Certisys is the first test and cerifcation organism specialised in organic farming in Belgium. Certisys is based on the belief that organic farming assures a balance advantage for consumers (whom may secure healthy products) as well as for the producers (who carry out a quality and profitable economic activity while protecting the environment).

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