POSECO Association

Bruxelles Champêtre is one of the many activities of the non-profit association POSECO (the Information Centre for Positive Economy). The association’s mission is to increase social responsability in the economy; in other words, to promote social entrepreneurship and to contribute to an economic approach calibrated to current social and environmental challenges.

Our other activities include:

1) a national network of socially-engaged entrepreneurs: the ""positive"" entrepreneurs 2) the Positive Awards: a prize for the best student essays about positive economy 3) the portal ""Positive Steps"": a tool that lists various responsible economic actions and allows everyone to have information for consuming, saving and making professional decisions consciously and responsibly.

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Recycling is fundamental!

In order to help you sort and throw away all the waste after a relaxing day, we’ll put sorting bins throughout the premises. A special team will be happy to assist you with it. Will you be a friend to recycling?

An engaged event

Bruxelles Champêtre is an organization of the non-profit POSECO, a positive economy action center.

The eco-responsable approach of Bruxelles Champêtre revolves around several axes:

1- Brightening up the city by encouraging togetherness.

2- Permitting access of everyone: free entry, multilingual information and access to disabled persons.

3- Placing value on small producers, associations and institutions allied with sustainable development.

4- Raising the public’s awareness of "tri" (rubbish/recycling sorting).


A big team : Bruxelles Champêtre

Did you know that: each year, the event requires around 100 months of cumulative work? The day of the event, there are more than 200 people working to make your experience exceptional.

Without the help of numerous volunteers, interns and youth activity, the event could not take place.

Joins us !