L’heureux nouveau

We are L’Heureux Nouveau, a company delivering organic, local and seasonal grocery boxes by bike.

We now have a network of almost 15 small-scale producers in Belgium in addition to ten or so in France, Italy and Spain that enables us to provide products of the highest quality at affordable prices. The profits generated have recently also allowed us to set up the not-for-profit association L’Heureuse Nouvelle, with the mission of promoting, supporting and creating sustainable systems."

Cuisine potager (Claude Pohlig)

Claude Pohlig features a cuisine based on local, farmfresh and organic products. Discover biodiversity through suprising dishes: forgotten vegetables, wild plants and edible flowers.

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Comme Ma Grand-Mère

The artisans of Comme ma Grand-Mère work with fresh partly organic, seasonal and local products. Taste their giant sweet or savoury crepes, just like Grandma used to make! True delicacies made for savouring to the fullest!

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Vin Naturel

These producers present to you the democratization of access to natural wines. Natural wines go even further than organic ones; they are made from organic grapes turned into wine through a natural process, without chemicals or sulfites.

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PermaFungi is an urban agriculture and circular economy project based at the Tour & Taxis site that collects coffee grounds from around Brussels to grow delicious organic oyster mushrooms in! Far from being a mere waste product, coffee grounds are in fact ideal for growing this type of mushroom. This method allows PermaFungi to produce 400kg of mushrooms per month whilst making use of something that would otherwise go to waste. PermaFungi also sells kits that let you recycle your own coffee ground and produce oyster mushrooms at home, as well as organising workshops enlightening people on this method and the concept of urban resiliance.

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Simone a soif !

"Simone a soif! (Simone’s thirsty) is a new Belgian artisanal drink that is one of a kind. It is a ’hydrolade’, a wholly natural drink made from herbal distillates, freshly-pressed local fruit and veg, and water.

Nothing else? Well no. Unlike most other fizzy drinks on the market, ours has no added sugars, aspartame or other sweeteners, no phosphoric acid, no preservatives, no additives and no colourings.

This is neither a juice (which is thick and sweet) nor a flavoured water. Simone a Soif! is as subtle as a herbal tea infusion, with all the goodness of plants but without the harmful effects of sugar."

Little Food

Little Food hopes to contribute to build a better world and to do this, wants to develop new food systems and new ways to undertake. In this light, Little Food is a producer, processor and developer of crickets as food. We raise and edible insects, sell in organic shops and organize events and livestock visits to popularize insectivorous practices. Healthy, nutritious, delicious ecological and above all, the cricket, with its mild nutty flavor and shrimp look, has it all! More info: http://littlefood.org


Vidya Ayurveda

Try delicious, fresh juice that we will be extracting right here at Bruxelles Champêtre. You can do the same at home with one of the extractors we have on sale!

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El Camion FT

Garage à manger is first of all the story of the El Camion food truck, which Joel Geismar has been runing for several years. Alongside this street food, this cook has taken on a former repaire garage. Our fuel is organic, artisanal and local produce. We dream of a world where, in the name of real taste, only one step separates the farm and the kitchen, or the cooking pot and the plate.

Zero Waste Belgium
L’Heureuse nouvelle

Heureuse Nouvelle carries on the work of Heureux Nouveau.

It is able to work on fundamental issues that a commercial entity would struggle with.

Its main missions are supporting local farming, promoting sustainable consumer habits and protecting biodiversity.

Heureuse Nouvelle will be what we all make of it.

Ape Piola

The Ape Piola revived in Brussels the tradition of Ape (the transport vehicles with 3 wheeled) from South of Italy with its mobile pizza oven with firewood. Behind this original idea, there Andrea Leone, head of the Brussels restaurant La Piola, an maniac Calabrian and a great culinary specialties of Italy. And human passion is felt in every millimeter of its pizzas, where the secret lies in the simplicity, quality of the dough but especially unconventional ingredients including tomatoes came directly from heaven ... It’s simple, having dabbled in these little wonders, we wondered if it is still possible to eat something else, in terms of pizzas.

Poids Gourmand

PoiDs Gourmand is a cooperative that aims to overcome mass consumption by offering sustainable alternatives that allow to relocate the economy, to place the producer in the center and provide acces to a wide audience. Cooperators are producers and consum’actors and the cooperative is working on four areas: • Manage La Ruche Who Says Yes Forest where, every week 44 local producers deliver an average of 200 families for 3 years. Healthy vegetables (organic or not), meat food autonomy and / or outdoor, organic bread, dairy farmers, etc ... • An organic grocery store online to make bio accessible to all by pricing below the recommended price. The grocery store is a grocery store shelf products. • Deliver Live Brussels restaurants of producer and dry organic products by bike • Organize workshops to accompany the changes towards sustainable food. More info: www.poids-gourmand.be