SOS Faim Belgique

SOS Faim supports small-scale farmers in Africa and Latin America and makes the public and political class aware of the need to promote a alternative farming model in order to end hunger and poverty in the world.


Ethiquable is a cooperative specialized in the fair trade and organic industries. It serves and supports 40 associations of small-scale producers from the South that cultivate within the regulations of small-scale, organic agriculture. At this stand you will find a sample of their products that are distributed all throughout the Benelux countries.

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Handicap international

Handicap International invites you to discover its Scénario 7.3 interactive exhibition on the theme of accessibility for disabled people in relation to the impact of natural disasters.

Tibetan Development Fund Belgium

Sponsoring Tibet’s children in exile and those from impoverished parts of the Himalayas means that they get a high-quality education and better chances of entering the world of work, and helps protect their very rich culture.

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WEP - Programmes scolaires, séjours linguistiques, jobs, stages et volontariats à l’étranger

Broaden your world, all over the world, with WEP! From internships to volunteer activities, natural construction work to semesters abroad, WEP offers you programs in more than 60 countries!

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Les Gîtes d’Etapes from the Belgian Centre for Youth Tourism

Active in the social tourism sector, the Gites d’Etapes du CBTJ features different lodgings and stays throughout the year. Take advantage of their "green" classes and vacation internships for children and teenagers.

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Association des Parents d’Enfants Déficients Auditifs Francophones

We have a number of games about deafness taken from one of our brochures, as well as sign-language lessons on the environment and healthy eating.

Youth Council

The Youth Council is the official body representing young people from Belgian’s French-speaking community. Its role is to involve those aged between 16 and 30 in the democratic process, most notably by getting their opinion / listening to what they have to say on a number of themes directly or indirectly concerning young people and transmitting this message to politicians. On the 18 September, the Youth Council will meet with young people to discuss issues of citizenship and involvement via the interactive platform

Plan Belgique

Plan Belgique acts with and for the most vulnerable children of the Southern Hemisphere with the goal of transforming their future and that of their community by fighting against poverty, injustice and inequality. Come to this stand to discover their awareness-raising programs and ways you can help!

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Josefa Foundation

Facing up to the issues of migration, housing and social integration, Maison Josefa aims to be a source of possibilites in response to the challenges and richness of migration in the city of Brussels. Maison Josefa provides an accommodation service, particularly for refugees whose forced migration has put them in a vulnerable situation and who show a real willingness to integrate socially and economically. Maison Josefa aims for a innovative and collaborative approach to integration based on a two-way relationship between stakeholders and/or direct and indirect end-users.

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BFTF(Belgian fair trade Federation)

The BFTF is the Belgian federation for businesses and organisations in the fair trade sector.


UNICEF promotes the rights and well-being of every child. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to put this commitment into action through special efforts for the most vulnerable and marginalised children, for the good of children throughout the world.

With its fun activities on children’s rights, UNICEF will give pride of place to all children.

Alliance D19/20

Building democratic and vigilant alliances between citizens against free-trade treaties and austerity.

Le Fagotin

Le Fagotin activity farm and outdoor centre with its energetic, enthusiastic and professional team welcome school groups and invidivuals to immerse themselves in the outdoors and get up close with the farm’s animals.