Michel Hanse

Michel Hanse’s figures are made from oven-baked modelling clay. As each one is unique, their facial expressions are all different. As his work contains frequent references to current affairs, Michel Hanse describes himself as a three-dimensional cartoonist. His mini-scenes are brought to life with a symphony orchestra, a miniature art gallery, a hospital gone nuts or a game of chess.

Walloon Brabant

With its rich heritage, wealth of possibilities for tourists and remarkable position bordering Brussels in the heart of Europe, Walloon Brabant cannot but fail to seduce you.

The province’s 400 000 inhabitants include farmers, local producers, artists and artisans, creators of fine food, those in tourism and local government officials.

Some of them will be here in the Walloon Brabant village, where both young and old alike will enjoy themselves as they discover and appreciate the charm and character of Wallonia’s smallest province.

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Matthieu Gauthy

Fancy a cartoon? Come to Matthew Gauthy’s booth, where, you will not be disappointed!


Take part in the watercolour workshop led by the Folon Foundation. Give it a try - you will surprise yourself! At the end of the workshop you will be able to take your piece of art home with you.

Le glacier des Marquises

We sell ice cream made with eggs and pure-fruit sorbets made in a traditional way thats respects the ingredients used and their producers.

Our products, made from fresh raw milk, crème fraîche, fresh eggs and selected varieties of fruits, will take you on a gastronomic discovery tour that will not lead you to stray from your healthy living goals!

Do your research, learn to tell the difference, and read the ingredient list of the processed foods you find in shops.

Atelier d’aquarelles - Fondation Folon

Take part in the watercolour workshop led by the Folon Foundation. Give it a try - you will surprise yourself! At the end of the workshop you will be able to take your piece of art home with you.

Belgo Sapiens Brewers

Who are Belgo Sapiens Brewers?

We are proud of our Belgian brewing heritage. With our experience and local presence, we aim to produce high-quality beers with character that are set to take on the international market.

Visit their website http://belgosapiens.be/


ApéReiff has been producing artisanal juices and fruit wines for 20 years following family recipes and respecting tradition. Our fruit wines are made in a manner that is 100% natural, using pure seasonal fruit juices, no added flavours or colourings, and a wine making process akin to the one used for grapes.

Our range of products is diverse and includes flavours of varying sweetness.

La ferme du Chapitre

La Ferme du Chapitre has been selling three wines from their grape varieties since 2013.

’Le Vin de Jean’ is a white wine made with one third Solaris variety and two thirds Johanniter. ’Les Notes Rosées’ is a rosé made with the percolating juice of the Rondo variety. ’Rêve Bleu’ is a red wine made from the familar Muscat variety of grape.

Les apéros de chez nous

Les Apéros de Chez Nous have ten of so fruit and flower wines made following traditional winemaking methods: the fruit juice is fermented and the wine is then left to mature in a vat for one year. With apple, rhubarb, raspberry and elderflower varieties, there is a wine to suit all tastes!


La ferme de la Hulotte

Offers a range of activities such as work experience, birthday parties, intergenerational workshops and school trips. Discovery, wonder and learning centred on environmental awareness await you. Three activities are available to children, who will be able to take what they make home with them.


Les Apéros de Philomène

Artisanal makers of liqueurs based in Genappe. We produce aperitifs from wine and plants or fruits, thirty or so ’pékêts’ (a type of gin from the region) and Gin App’, the Belgian gin made here in Genappe.

All our products are hand-made in a way that is 100% artisanal.

We make our spirits in a magnificent barn that dates back to 1707 and organise guided tours every Sunday at 1pm or by appointment.

Visit the website : http://www.lesaperosdephilomene.be/

Au P’tit Boulanger

The al Djote tart is a speciality of Nivelles and a wonderful marriage of several ingredients (including chard and full-fat farmyard cheeses. It is served warm and drizzled with salted farm butter.

Sale of local produce and authentic al Djote tarts.

Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Demaret

Boulangerie Demaret invites you to taste three tarts from the Wallonia region: the Tarte du Vi-Paurin de Rixensart, with apples, rum and almonds; the Tarte au Stofé de Wavre made from farm cheese, apple compote and macaroons; and the Tarte du Lothier de Genappe made from rice flour on an apricot base.

L’Association régionale pour la promotion du Porc Piétrain

The Association Régionale pour la Promotion du porc Piétrain brings together 17 members in Wallonia, including three breeders in the Walloon Brabant, and acts to promote the Piétrain breed of pig, both in Belgium and abroad.

You will have the chance to discover the work that breeders of Piétrain pigs do. Learn all about the Piétrain, which has become a popular breed thanks to its extremely well-developed muscles and generous meat content.

Confrérie de l’Ordre du Cochon Piétrain

Come and taste cuts of Piétrain pork seasoned with seven spices and sea salt. The recipe is kept a secret! Enjoy it with a nice glass of the amber Piétrain beer (8% abv) or golden variety (6.5%) developed exclusively by the members of the Brotherhood.

Don’t miss out on our Piétrain pork and beer baguettes.

Chocolat Champagne

We welcome lovers of fine food to the gourmet world of Arnaud Champagne, who will share his passion by showing you all his chocolate, pâtisserie and confectionary creations. He has been selected by Gault & Millau as one of the ’best chocolatiers and pâtissiers in Wallonia’. So come indulge yourself and let yourself be surprised.


Ferme du Château

Come discover the pressed cow’s cheese, yoghurts and ice cream that have earnt the farm its reputation. Ferme du Château specialises in rearing Holstein cows and was awarded the Coq de Cristal at the Libramont farming show on several occasions.

Ferme de la Goyette

The Ferme de la Goyette, based in the village of Loupoigne, has been in the family since the time of Monsieur Courtain’s grandmother. Everything on the farm, right up to the animals’ feed and pellets, is done in the old-fashioned way. This gives the cheeses, ice creams and butter a unique and truly authentic taste. Try our maquée soft cheese, buttermilk cheeses, milk, butter, fromage frais, harder cheeses, yoghurt and ice creams!

Le Comice agricole de Jodoigne

This year’s Jodoigne agricultural show will once again blend creativity and technology to dazzle young and old alike with a monumental temporary work of art made using straw bales!

The main role of the Comice agricole de Jodoigne (established 1860) is to allow the sharing of experiences to improve farming practices and encourage partnerships in the sector based on promotion, research, outreach programmes and training.

Les maraîchers soutenus par Créa-Job asbl

The non-profit Créa-Job offers personalised training and guidance for those looking to set up a new business in Walloon Brabant’s rural tourism sector. Come and discover the produce of three market gardeners and learn more about their work.

Centre provincial de l’Agriculture et de la ruralité

Provincial centre for farming and rural life

The Provincial centre for farming and rural life (CPAR) is a scientific institute in Walloon Brabant. As part of this year’s Bruxelles Champêtre, we will present our soil-analysis work, advice regarding soil enrichment, our master-gardener courses and guidance on plant diseases for a green and natural way to garden. Don’t forget our exhibition all about the best way to compost.

Dernier Quartier Général de Napoléon

Napolean’s last operations base

A visit to Napoleon’s last operation base is a fun and gastronomic way to discover the Battle of Waterloo! It is in this former farmhouse 4 km from the Lion’s Mound that Napoleon came up with his strategy and ate his last meal before battle. Come and try the Emperor’s soup, made just as it was at the time! There will be fun activities that introduce young and old to history."

IPES de Wavre - Ecole d’hôtellerie

Our students on hospitality courses, who are trained by experienced teachers recognised by their profession, will take pleasure in polishing their knowledge of local products. As part of this event, we have decided to showcase vegetables that are all too often forgotten about. Hospitality also means restaurant service - a skill that requires both dexterity, customer service and people skills.

For more information: www.brabantwallon.be