Once again, Brussels Champêtre is foremost a family event. So there will be numerous events to entertain children, including animations to celebrate the event’s 11th year. In fact to enhance the child friendly atmosphere, this year we have spread the activities throughout the park, so they can feel completely at ease in the environment.

Our advice: arrive early, in family, to fully enjoy all these activities.

Take a ride on the Carrousel

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Once again the antique carousel will feature at Bruxelles Champêtre to remind us of a slower, more peaceful time. This nostalgia will allow for a break from the fast paced city life and serve to enhance the country atmosphere.

Hours : from 10 am to 7 pm
Place: Place des Palais, near Academy (Ducale street)

Pony rides

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Once again this year, pony rides in the royal park are back! A big attraction with children, and a great new way to see the city. Supervisors will be on hand to accompany all the rides to ensure maximum safety.

Hours : from 10 am to 7 pm
Place : in the middle of the Park

Sustainable food

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Learn about sustainable food whilst enjoying eight games especially created by asbl Poseco for the event. This is an activity for the whole family to enjoy together whilst learning to fight over-fishing, to stop pesticides from contaminating organic products, to use safe circuits, etc... Specially designed for this year’s edition of Brussels Champêtre, they will be a sure success !

Face Painting

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What child doesn’t like to spend their day painted as a pirate, a princess or a butterfly? Spread throughout the park, our face-painters will use their skills and expertise for the enjoyment of every child.

Dance together with le Bal Moderne

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Get ready to release yout inner dancer with our special choreographer who will teach simple routines to well known songs. No experience necessary... Try it out: 3 dances of 3 minutes each, learnt in 45 minutes in a relaxed environment

Hours : From 2:30 pm to 15:15 pm
Place : In the Park. Around the fountain

Meet the clown

Hours : from 10 am to 7 pm
Place : Place des Palais. near the European Commission tent, Academy side (Ducale street)

Learn how to bake bread

Play pétanque for children

Do flips on the lawn

Taste "fresh" milk

Play with the virtual cow

Visit the cartoonists gallery

Take a picture on the straw cake

Some exhibitors will also offer fun animations for children at their stand, for everyone’s pleasure ! At Cyril Nice Cream for example, children will be asked if they want to make their own ice cream...

Also, check out the farm animals who are kind of the heart and soul of Bruxelles Champêtre !