For its 11th edition, Brussels Champêtre is going all out and offering no less than three exhibitions and a whole host of musicians! There will be music to suit all tastes, as well as Comics, pictures, and sculptors all based on the theme of sustainable nutrition

Cartoonists gallery

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To enhance our theme this year, we asked a number of wellknown artistes (Cartoonists, newspapers artists, illustrators, etc.) to illustrate what sustainable nutrition meant to them. And with their tenderness, humour and talent, they produced an exhibition of great quality that you will enable you to discover the Place des Palais.

Amongst our cartoonists there will be: :
Kroll, Sondron, O-Sekoer, Rivert, Sigmund, Nicolas Vadot, Marc Hardit, Cécile Bertrand, Cost, Bernadette Després, Jean Rivert, Reinhart Croon, Saltooo
- Meet the cartoonists

Photography exhibition

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This year, Brussels Champêtre will feature different works by the photographer Gilles Buyck on the theme of agriculutre. This initiative is based on the philosophy that culture and agriculture share a natural link because the evolution in the agricultural world mirrors that experienced in the life of an artist. The work of Gilles Buyck is the result of an intensive ten year project of discovery into the nature of sustainable farming near Brussels. By creating a close personal relationship with the farmers, Gilles Buyck was able to capture intimate portrayals of their daily life and work which shows the way of life of today’s farmers. This meeting of art and agriculture has resulted in a beautiful portrayal of the pastoral landscape and is certainly not to be missed.

“Brusselicious” sculptures

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If you are from Brussels, you will surely have noticed the 35 sculptures that were spread amongst the 19 districts this spring. However, for the first time at Bruxelles Champetre all these beautiful works of art will be in one place, for you to truly appreciate their splendour whilst appreciating their message that aims to promote the cuisine of Brussels.