Sustainable food, must serve to form the basis of our future society to ensure a healthy and prosperous global society.

Since its first event in 2003, Brussels Champêtre has been proud to combine a day of relaxation with time to reflect on what it means to be a global citizen. Since the start, we have invited organisations and activists to debate, animate and provoke thought on the subject of two important and pressing matters, the environment and society within the context of “sustainable nutrition” : the environment and the social.


Educational stands will serve to inform the public on various issues like healthy nutrition and the food pyramid. Furthermore the Federation of Jeunes Agriculteurs will give talks on sustainable farming whilst l’Office des Produits of Wallonia and Rural Tastes/Flavors along with their networks of producers, and caterers in the region will give talks on sustainable nutrition.

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European Commission space

The General Director of Agriculture of rural development for the European Commission will be present to celebrate 50 years of the Communal Agricultural Politic. Over the past 50 years, this essential organisation has been integral to introducing sustainable nutrition into French agricultural regions.

The European Commission will attend Brussels Champêtre to tell you about the latest as well as their future projects and legislation, which aim to solve the economic, environmental and geographical problems facing Europe today.

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Discussions aimed at both adults and children, will inform the public about the main aims of the PAC/CAP over the next few years:
- To increase public awareness about the challenges of ensuring food safety, climate change, the sustainable use of natural resources and of a balanced regional development.
- Help the agricultural sector fight the effects of the economic crisis and the volatility of farming prices.
- Contribute to the development of a healthy and sustainable growth according to the requirements outlined in the “Europe strategy 2020”

There will be a space especially created where agricultural organisations will, in a relaxed environment, explain how food safety is integral to the revitalisation of rural economy.

A variety of activities will be available including face painting for children, cooking presentations by a Belgian chef who grows his own vegetables, a magician, games and raffles including prizes and wine tasting from different European countries.

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Almost a million people suffer from hunger in the world, of which more than 75% are peasants. It is an alarming fact that has pushed many of the big players within the agricultural world to define the concept of the “food sovereignty”. Essentially, it is about finding ways to ensure that everyone has access to enough nutritioness food to ensure to allow for a global economy based on social and environmental justice.

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- Meet the "Food Sovereignty" exibitors


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As always, Brussels Champêtre will focus on the environmental problems facing the world today, specifically we will focus on agriculture and how to ensure enough food is grown that also has a positive impact on the environment. It will also be a great opportunity to listen to the people leading the charge un the fight to protect the environment and how each person has an important part to play

- Meet the environment exibitors

Do a health test in the Mutualité socialiste stand

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Once again, the mutualité socialiste of Brabant is teaming up with Brussels Champêtre. The organisation will be available to discuss the best way to ensure healthy living whilst contributing to sustainable development and ensuring a flourishing environment.

The Mutualité socialiste of Brabant is waiting for you in its interactive stand. Come, relax and exercise in our Zen space. You will also be able to enjoy the presence of our nurse to undergo a health test and receive advice on ways to lead a healthier life.