Frequently asked questions

You will find here answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other question or need more information about our activities please phone the call center on 02 204 13 43 (opening September 15th) check out the mobility week official website

Who is allowed to drive on car free day ?

The car-free Sunday is for all drivers, except public transport, taxis, buses and emergency services. In the city, the speed limit will be under 30 kph !

What are the “closing hours” of the region ?

The region will be closed between 9 am and 7 pm. The roads into town will be closed or progressively reopened. Traffic will disrupted before and after these hours. In some neighborhoods, the roads will be closed because of the celebrations.

What about the public transportation offer ?

Like every year, public transport will be free allowing for quick and easy access to every corner of the city.

How to get to Brussels ?

For Brussels’ people, their day can continue as normal thanks to the replacement service offered by public transport, that will be free all day! If you are coming from outside of Brussels, this is a great opportunity to take public transport! The Belgian rail network offers a “mobility” ticket which allows you to make the return trip for only 9 € ! More information :

How to get to Brussels by car ?

Go to Heysel car park C which has over 11 000 places (4€ per day). A STIB shuttle will bring you to the nearest underground station. Many other car parks will be available, but their capacity is lower.

Where to rent a bike ?

It is possible to rent bikes in Brussels, Villo will make 180 stations available to everybody throughout the day (check out Villo).

What if I have a desperate need for my car !

In some cases, a special dispensation to drive can be awarded. It is valid for one vehicle in the whole region, under the condition that the accurate reason is written on the authorization.

Where can I get an authorization ?

If you live in Brussels, your request has to be sent before the 13th September to your town administration or police zone. If you live outside the region, ask for information from your town administration. You will find information about the required paperwork on the official mobility week website.

For any further information :