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On this page you will find all the information and documents necessary for Bruxelles Champêtre’s promotion.

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Description of the event :

: On Sunday 16th September 2012, Bruxelles Champetre will celebrate its tenth anniversary and once again a piece of the countryside will move to the heart of Brussels, just in front of the Place de Palais. To celebrate car-free day a hundred local producers will be on hand to offer activities and original entertainment for all the family in this haven of peace where a 2000 square meters lawn has been specially put in. This is the right moment to enjoy a green capital !

: Who still doesn’t know Bruxelles Champêtre ?

Once again this year, on car-free day, celebrate the beauty of Brussels during Belgium’s biggest urban, citizen picnic. Once again, a 2000-square-meter lawn will be installed for your enjoyment front of the Royal Palace. To celebrate its tenth anniversary this year’s theme will be sustainable food. Come and meet organic and slow-food producers, brewers, artisan bakers… they will be happy to let you tasting their products.

It is a great occasion to see how sustainable food can be an exciting future for our global economy.

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