The farm is the crowning achievement of Bruxelles Champetre, an importance presence since the very first event. Thanks to the kind help of the ‘Federation des Jeunes Agriculteurs’ (Federation of young farmers’) this farm provides a welcome respite from the busy city life.

Come on, it’s time to meet them !


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the donkey is the most hardworking, gentle and undeniably the most stubborn animal of the farm! No surprise that men domesticated it over 5,000 years ago....


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No farm is complete without cows and at Brussels Champêtre, the cow is given pride of place. We owe her our milk – and our butter, our cheese... And the little ones will have the opportunity to learn how to milk. A must!


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Soft, docile and tender, consistently providing wool, milk and meat. Children can pet them and see how soft their wool is!


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Stop the cackling, my dears! Our backyard will be present for the pleasure of both children and adults


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No Mr. Seguin here, but the sweet Blanquette doesn’t have to fear the big bad wolf, just the little hands of children


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The domestic pork, the scientific name of our famous little pig, will be here both for petting and viewing. A real contryside treat in the heart of the city.


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When there’s a talk of farm animals, they are the first in attendance; they are not the type to cancel at the last moment! If their paws bring luck, their bushy tail, quivering nose and long ears, make them the favourite of children from one generation to the next !

The Belgian horse

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We wouldn’t place a farm in the heart of Brussels without our local pride: the work horse, beautiful, strong and sophisticated.