For its 11th edition, Brussels Champêtre is going all out and offering no less than three exhibitions and a whole host of musicians! There will be music to suit all tastes, as well as Comics, pictures and sculptors all based on the theme of sustainable nutrition :


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An event of this kind would be unthinkable without the accompaniment of music. So, to celebrate its 11th anniversary, Brussels Champêtre, thanks to the kind volunteering of fantastic musicians, will offer free concerts on 4 stages allowing you to discover different genres of music in every corner.
Music will be available everywhere to suit all tastes! From the hushed atmosphere of classical, lyrical songs, warm jazz, melodic “lounge” and funk, ...

The city stand
The picnic area which lies at the heart of Bruxelles Champêtre will be enhanced by a lawn fitted especially for the event. So come and allow yourself to completely relax to the music of Alex Klimow who will enhance the calm and peaceful atmosphere

Jazz room
Discover the joy of jazz whilst trying beers from local breweries. Whether you are an avid fan or an interested novice, all are sure to enjoy!

The Park stand
In the Royal park stand (which was built in 1841 by Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar, founder of the eclecticism movement in architecture) there will be a real festival program with no less than 5 groups of the most eclectical, energetic and enchanting musical accompaniments
Line up & organization : Véronica White

Classical music concert

Bal Moderne

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