For its tenth birthday, Bruxelles champêtre offers you a true musical program with free concerts all day long. In each zone, you will discover a different musical spirit : jazz, rock reggae, lounge, classical music and “chanson française”.
Our tip : Take a note of the locations and schedules of the concerts you want to attend in order to enjoy this event as much as possible.

LOUNGE music on the pic-nic area

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Enjoy all day long an atmosphere favorable to daydreaming and relaxing with friends. Lie down in the grass and let you be transported by our “ceremony Master” Alex Klimow’s music.

Hours: from 10am to 7pm
Place: In the middle of the place des Palais, On the city’s kiosk
Info about Alex Klimow

CLASSIC Music, next to the fountain in the park

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In a peaceful spot under the big trees of the park come and listen some accessible and original classical music. Duo Minos is a violin/cello duo composed of two musicians fond of chamber music. This small team will seduce you because of its complicity and its wide repertoire including some not well-known composers such as Honegger,Tanguy, Martinu, Ravel, and Devreese.

Hours: Live at 12:30. Then, a classical music playlist until 19h.
Place : In the park, next to the fountain near the Royal Palace
Meet duo Minos
Sponsored by Piqniq Brusselicous
More info Piqniq Brusselicous

JAZZ Concert, close to the brewers corner

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The «Jazz Matic» Quartet offers you a melody mixing with accuracy middle Jazz, Swing and even Brazil with some Bossa’s themes. This is a way to spend a nice afternoon with an artisan beer in your hand. The «Jazz Matic» Quartet is composed of Laurent Sprimont, Jean-Christophe Cornil, Luc De Houck and Jérôme Colleyn

Hours: from 2pm to 5pm
Lieu: In the park alley, near Academy. next to the brewers corner.
Listen the Jazz Matic Quartet; "keep the swing"

DANCE Together

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Bal moderne invites us to dance. On well known or still-to-be-discovered rhythms, a choreographer will lead the audience and show it the moves to follow… No dancer experience required… Have a try : 3 dances of 3 minutes each with 45 minutes learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Hours: rendez-vous at 6pm
Lieu: Around the fountain, near the Royal Palace
Discover Bal Moderne
Sponsored by Piqniq Brusselicous
More info on Piqniq Brusselicous

MUSIC Stage on the kiosk in the park

In the Royal park kiosk, we offer an electric, relaxed and fairy program. Take it easy and listen to dreamlike voices, rich instrumentations and sound trips..
Line up & organization : Véronica White


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Its magic operates live: the energy found in the roots of fusion and colored by the different trends creates a sound, phosphorescent light and scenic play show. The team is composed of Tatiana Nilba (singing, trombone, keyboard), Yvan Nilba (guitar, singing, keyboard), Marie Mars (keyboard, singing, saxophone), and Alexandre Malick (drums, percussions).

Hours: from 2pm to 2:45pm
Place: On the kiosk in the park.
Go see their website Watch a live performance


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Created under the initiative of the violinist and altist Catherine Graindorge who joined David Christophe (bass guitar and double bass) and Elie Rabinovitch (drums), this instrumental trio handles the different expressive attributes in a fascinating way. Playing with rhythmic variations and maintaining the dramatic tension in a state of wonderful unstable balance, the threesome from Brussels brings a hyper enchanting emotivity.

Hoors: from 3:15pm to 4pm
Place: On the kiosk in the park.
See the website or Nox’s Myspace page
liste NOX

Olivier JUPRELLE...

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Olivier Juprelle composes and sings in French (and occasionally in English) his own songs the lyrics of which are provided by his official lyricist. After a complete formative cycle in London and Antwerp and a career as a drummer in some well known groups such as Vive la Fête and Mudflow, Olivier Juprelle has recently began his solo adventure. He will be accompanied by Jeff Ribas as a keyboardist. A nice discovery.

Hours: from 4:30pm to 5:15pm
Place: On the kiosk in the park.
Website and interview
Listen to Olivier Juprelle’s samples

SOUL T... soul & groove

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Soul T has been lulled since his childhood by Percy Sledge and Wilson Picket’s musical universes. When he was young he used to be a choirboy in a Pentecostal choral, he is nowadays a soul artist whose music is still deeply impregnated by his gospel roots.. Born in Burundi, the Rwandan Soul T currently lives in Brussels. His first album will be released in October 2012. Until then you can let yourself be charmed by his music on 16th September. A sweet way to end Bruxelles Champêtre !

Hours : from 5:45pm to 6:30pm
Place: On the kiosk in the park.
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