Since its inception, Bruxelles Champêtre has supported and promoted fair trade and a positive economy based on environmentally friendly products. Therefore, the event carefully watches its ecological footprint and also encourages debates on the future of our global economy.


You will find recycling bins on the site to encourage responsible behavior in regards to throwing away waste products. Therefore, you will be able to throw away all kinds of waste: plastic bottles, steel packaging of beverages, tetrabrick packs, glass bottles and biodegradable waste.

Sustainable development

Bruxelles Champêtre focuses on sustainable development. This is why many organizations involved in nature protection, renewable energy, and organic production are invited to attend so they can increase public awareness.

Fair trade

Finding a fairer economic system is of great concern to us. Therefore, numerous stands will promote fair trade and other initiatives. Nowadays, it is important to value the different courses of action for populations in need. Fair trade means making fairer approaches to producers and paying what is due for their work.

Polylactic acid cups (PLA cups)

On the site of Bruxelles Champêtre, people will drink from cups made of organic materials. These cups are made out of maize flour and are a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cups. You can directly throw these cups in the green bin. These are then directly treated in a composting plant. Rather than re-usable hard recycled plastic cups which are given back to the bar after their use, we have chosen this solution since PLA cups are handier and less restrictive for the participants. For events like Bruxelles Champêtre, it has been demonstrated that these cups are eco-friendly. At Bruxelles Champêtre, you will then find PLA cups to throw in the green bin at your disposal.

Organic dishes

Plates and cutlery made out of recycled cardboard take a long time to decompose naturally and are often considered harmful to the environment. Bruxelles Champêtre has chosen to use bagasse cutlery and plates for the event. Made from cane sugar, these dishes can be treated like any other organic waste.