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We are offering you the opportunity to spend one Sunday in the countryside, right in the middle of the city. Throughout the day there will be vendors selling locally produced, high quality food, talks given will also allow for a better understanding of nutrition, and animations will provide enjoyment for the children. There will be enough to keep the whole familyentertained.

This year the Place des Palais will be transformed into a picturesque countryside landscape with over 2,000 m² of fresh lawn. At the end of the event the greenery will be redistributed amongst the different parks of the Brussels region, so that nothing is lost and that the greenery grows more with every passing year...

The idea behind Brussels Champêtre is also that citizens are able to appreciate a different ways of living. Brussels is often seen as a fast paced city dominated by a stressful way of life, but for a day, in a place where time can slow down, in an oasis of greenery, let’s simply enjoy the peace of the moment.

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Whether you come alone or with friends, a family or a group, on foot or on bike, on tram or in a horse drawn carriage, Brussels Champêtre will charm by its nature, and allow for a moment of well earned relaxation.