Every year, Poseco organizes the Bruxelles Champêtre event. It began 10 years ago as an endavour organised by a group of enthused friends, and was simply a small meeting of like minded people. Now it has evolved into a gathering of tens of thousands of people at the Royal Palace of Brussels to celebrate no car day. It is the biggest outdoor picnic of the European capital. It allows you to bring the countryside into the heart of the city.

Poseco NPO

Poseco is a non-profit organisation whose main objective is the promotion of positive economy. Poseco is the voice of both the individual and of the organisations that are involved or enthused by a global economy built on sustainable resourced. To achieve this aim, Poseco utilises the internet, especially focusing on the websites of its partners Bruxelles Champêtre and Mobilissimo. Poseco also recognises the importance of forging personal relationships with different organisations to fully achieve it aims. This is why the association organises conferences to create links between companies and people working within the framework of sustainable development.

Positive Economy

The Positive Economy can be defined as "the private or professional economic acts that contribute, in a direct and tangible way, to the improvement of human conditions and collective welfare". The Positive Economy is another economic approach, an approach that brings solutions to current social and environmental issues. An Economy in harmony with the society and the world we live in.

The Positive Economy is a new concept proposed by the association Poseco in order to create a link between many initiatives such as sustainable development, social economy, fair trade, ethic finance, “clean” technologies, eco-tourism, society enterprises… More and more people, organizations and economical world actors are taking initiatives in this direction. The Positive Economy portal aims at encouraging them.